In these times as we face uncertainty and fear for so many things around us it is important that kindness prevails and that we take care of each other whenever we are able to. 

This scrunchie is special as it is for a Kause. The proceeds of each purchase from this scrunchie go directly to help Chris to fight his battle. 


In November 2019 Chris was diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumours located in the brain, middle ear, neck lymph nodes and salivary glands. The tumours metastasized as a recurring issue from a surgery in 2017.

During Covid closures, he was prioritized for an emergency surgery on May 8th 2020 because the tumours were in critical areas of his brain and spreading to his lymph nodes. He required major resection surgery to save his life.

It took five magnificent doctors fourteen hours to remove a large part of his skull, jaw and neck.  This left Chris suffering permanent hearing loss, nerve damage and limited neck mobility. However, thankfully the tumours have been reduced to a manageable amount for systemic therapy.

To prevent further tumour cell growth, he has been placed on a chemotherapy drug called Everolimus. Without the proper health insurance, and the drug not being covered under Canada’s heath support, it has an out of pocket cost of $7,000 every month.

To read more about Chris's story or to donate please click here

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