Toronto student creates website to help local businesses adapt to online shopping

Keturah Osinde, UofT student and founder of Fittedfast Inc., talks about the creation of her website which helps local businesses adjust to online shopping and stay afloat as the end of pandemic restrictions remains up in the air.

Fittedfast Allows You to Connect With Local Retailers

Devo chats with CEO & Founder of Fittedfast Keturah Osinde to talk about her app that allows you to connect with local retailers and invest in your neighbours during the pandemic whether that be buying women’s or men’s clothes, shoes, and everything in between. It’s the UberEats for clothes!

Fittedfast: fourth-year student founds ‘Uber Eats for clothes'

A business seemingly made for the new COVID-19 economy, Keturah Osinde’s Fittedfast aspires to be the “UberEATS for clothes.” Osinde, a fourth-year urban studies and ethics, society, and law student, is passionate about how cities develop and adapt to new situations and stresses. She founded the company to support local businesses in the face of encroaching industry giants by bridging the gap between online and in-store shopping.

Startup Canada Podcast E292 -Harnessing Fear with Keturah Osinde

Fear of criticism, judgement, and failure - fear is something founders are all too familiar with. Keturah Osinde, CEO of Fittedfast, thinks instead of avoiding fear, we should harness it.

Fittedfast helps local businesses reach customers

Fittedfast is making shopping locally an easier task. The Toronto-based business refers to themselves as a local amazon or the ubereats of clothes. In essence, Fittedfast highlights local businesses on its online platform and handles deliveries on their behalf. To learn more, CJRU spoke with founder Keturah Osinde and a Fittestfast merchant, Carolyn L. Arn of Backyard Studios. 

Fittedfast: The innovative solution to help local businesses thrive

Online shopping has been one of the new habits we’ve formed as a result of the pandemic. While this may have worked in the favour of giant international businesses, for local businesses COVID-19 has been a time with many challenges that threatened their existence. As a result, Fittedfast, a student-led startup, became an innovative solution to help the local community remain resilient in the face of adversity.