Infant Organic Short Sleeve

Infant Organic Short Sleeve

Infant Organic Short Sleeve

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Choose between two conservations: Saving elephants or Saving our oceans (or both) 

The Wave Collection: #DYK the 46,000 pieces of plastic are floating on every square mile of the ocean? And we're at our current rate, we dump about 1 garbage truck (1 ton) of plastic into the ocean per minute. We're on a mission to change that, and you can help with your purchase below. 

The Elephant Collection: Ellies are so important for the ecosystem and tend to keep the land in check by ‘engineering’ the ecosystem. They push over trees and stomp areas that are super shrubby, keeping all pieces in check.  For example, in the dry season, they use their tusks to dig up water for themselves & other wildlife!!  Let's continue to save them! 



- 15% donated to organizations Cleaning up our Oceans or Elephant Conservations. You Choose. 

- made with 4 recycled plastic bottles

- Made in USA, Screen Printed in Toronto, Ontario 

- 50% recycled polyester, 37% Organic Cotton, 13% Rayon 4.5 oz/sq yd 

 - no risk with free returns / exchanges


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