StayMellow Collective

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Formally founded in 2019 by creative entrepreneur Melaney Stanberry, StayMellow Collective began as a passion project for Stanberry (who also simply goes by 'Mellow'): "it is merely an extension of my mind and vehicle through which I share my musings with the world," she expresses. The brand offers vibrant tie-dye apparel in many wearable styles such as t-shirts, socks, hoodies and tank tops. On top of this all, Mellow also offers tote bags, aprons and bandanas if specially requested by the customer.


Unlike many other businesses owners that have been crushed under the weight of the pandemic, Mellow explains that the virus has actually provided her more motivation and incentive to heavily push her online shopping platform. "COVID has given me the motivation to work on increasing my online presence instead of relying on in-person opportunities such as pop-up shops," the business woman notes. However, one of her largest obstacles mainly relates to extended shipping times due to the slowing of logistics and freight, in addition to issues with suppliers leading to low inventory. Aside from this, however, Mellow has stayed resilient and is seeing the fruits of her efforts: "The online interactions I've been receiving lately have been positive, and it's fin to experiment on social media to see what works and what doesn't," she candidly explains.

At StayMellow Collective, the tie-dye guru prides herself on originality, where every piece is "made to order". She further notes that her products are "all unique, and the customer has the ability to choose specific designs with any colours they like." Beyond this, however, Mellow explains that the brand roots itself in tranquility and intentionality. Interestingly she notes that "Mellow" was a nickname given to her by her late grandfather when she was six years old, "it was his loving way of taking note of my tranquil and reflective personality." Ultimately, StayMellow collective is "more than a brand," Mellow expresses further, "it is a call to tap into one's creative energy".


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