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Launched in March of 2019 by young entrepreneur Keziah Garber, Papa Love Vintage was born out of Garber's love for bright coloured clothing: "I had a lot of fun wearing different bright coloured vintage pieces to work everyday," she notes. In fact, Garber shared a harrowing story that inspired her to give back by creating Papa Love. During a trip across the California desert with her partner, they found their luggage stolen during a break and enter. Among other important items, her large personal collection of vintage pieces was lost. During the chaos of it all, Garber discovered a beacon of light: "…accept the experience and see it as an opportunity to give back," she recalls. Papa Love Vintage offers a unique collection, offering gender neutral "one-of-a-kind vintage". Garber’s ever growing collection features pieces from the 70s, 80s, and 90's era which are mainly blouses, tracksuit jackets, blazers, robes and dusters.


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 Garber was forced to cancel bookings for 4 markets. However, the storm did not end there for her: "Once they started to get cancelled, I got laid off from my part time job," she says.. Despite this, Garber channeled her energy towards creating a Instagram page where customers can shop and view her collection, "I learned how to created IGTV videos, and participated in virtual markets; the whole experience has opened up a lot of creative doors for me and pushed me to challenge myself more."

Papa Love is on a mission to encourage eco-friendly, sustainable processes: "I try as best I can to be zero waste," the entrepreneur notes. Gender neutrality is also a core component to how Papa Love operates, "My aim with Papa Love is to style my pieces in a gender neutral way, -- I don’t like to use arbitrary gendered sizing," Garber says, "instead I provide measurements for every listing so that the client can check for themselves if the piece will fit their body." When you think of Papa Love vintage, think bold and bright colours with unique patterning and style. On top of this, you can expect unisex versatility and an inclusive shopping experience.

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