Northside of the Map

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Founded in 2012 by Toronto business entrepreneur, Ebenezer Bottah, Northside of the Map is a black-owned hub for all streetwear/lifestyle apparel. Featuring various items such as bucket hats, cozy sweaters, stylish graphic tees and more, Northside of the Map is sure to revamp your wardrobe.


Unfortunately, like many other businesses in Toronto, Bottah explains that Northside of Map has been affected by COVID-19. "I actually moved from a storefront that was closing because of COVID-19," he explains in discussion about how the pandemic has affected his business. When I asked how he has adjusted for these changes Bottah goes on to explain his transition from store-front to e-commerce and how the change has aided in increased sales: "I think I've actually done better in the last two months than I had even before the pandemic." This remark is interesting, as he further goes on to highlight the fact that it was not so much the fact that his business had an issue with selling product, rather, it was the lack of exposure many small businesses like his tend to experience when they are in brick-and-mortar form. "A lot of people didn't know where to get it, but now with an online platform, it's very easy for me to make sales — it’s the majority of my business."

Bottah explains that he occasionally does pop up shops to help new customers familiarize themselves with the brand. Northside of the Map roots itself in simplicity, and what Bottah calls "staying true to the North". With a polar bear being the companies logo, Northside of the Map is on a mission to ensure customers are prideful in their Canadian culture — exhibiting strong, and fearless characteristics similar to the polar bear that we represent in the North.

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