Milk TO: Local Sneaker Boutique

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Contrary to the name, Milk TO is not a leading merchant of dairy products in Toronto. Instead, they are premium sneaker selling boutique that prides themselves in featuring unique sneaker pieces that are less common than your ordinary Nike Roshe’s.

Fitsquad, if you’re looking for sneakers that are destined to turn heads, Milk TO is your number one shop. Kamaj Silva, a Sri Lanken born Canadian, founded the shop and was determined to create a retail shopping experience that prioritizes uniqueness of product rather what may be currently popular mainstream.

Unfortunately, Milk TO was one of the many closed store due to COVID-19. The local shop has been closed for in-store shopping since the lock-down was enacted. However, Silva explains to me that he plans on opening the store in early August for in-store shopping. Despite this, he further notes, all plans remain tentative due to the unpredictability of the pandemic.

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