Hair Love by Quai

Founded in arguably the most chaotic year in modern day, 2020, Quaishanna Myers took a step into the world of entrepreneurship and all things hair care. "I've always had a hard time with how to manage/maintain curly hair," she says when asked what sparked her interest in launching Hair Love by Quai. "It was always a struggle to find the right products that work specifically for my hair…I would [then] have to get additional accessories elsewhere," she notes.  This is where the young business lady saw an opportunity to help other curly-haired ladies that may also find themselves in this predicament. The store offers detangling brushes, electric & shampoo scalp massagers, silk pillow cases, satin bonnets, biotin hair vitamin gummies and spray bottles.
Launching in the year of the pandemic, Myers surprisingly notes that the crisis did not have a large affect on her business. However, she had much sympathy for the business owners out there that are currently struggling to stay afloat during the economic downturn and closures of businesses: "My heart really goes out to the local businesses effected by COVID…many years and decades of hard work has been erased in a few months," she says, "it makes me pretty sad." 
Myers' passion and love for natural hair has driven her to create products that suit her customers needs and wants. "My products are curated by me to help you manage, take care and grow you hair," she expresses. On top of this, however, Myers has committed 5% of her profits to go towards the Black Lives Matter organization, as well as Lupus Canada, and organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians living with Lupus, and furthermore discovering a cure. Above all, Myers' empathetic heart drove her to launch her company: "I love helping others and that's why I was inspired to start Hair Love."

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