Gyal Vibes Accessories

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Founded by young entrepreneur, and business owner Aldene Herman, Gyal Vibes Accessories founds itself on the premise that accessories should be affordable for every young lady, or what she likes to call a "gyal". "We want every gyal to feel confident, and we realized even the simplest outfits can be upgraded by accessorizing." Her brand is reminiscent of the hip 90s and early 2000s era where looks were rooted in eccentricity and uniqueness. "The 90s and early 2000s gave us looks and trends that will be loved forever," she recalls nostalgically, "we wanted to curate our styles to reflect that dynamic era." The one stop shop offers sunglasses, waist chains, hair accessories, and bags amongst many other affordable jewelry items a girl's dresser simply can't go without! But, that's not all. The store also offers practical items such as notebooks and grooming products.


Unlike other businesses in the city, Herman explains that the pandemic has not impacted her business due to the fact that she launched online after the initial lockdown shock. "We started our business online so that customers have 24 hour access to our shop," she notes. Herman further states that Gyal Vibes offers shipping, in addition to free local pick up so customers have the ability to pick up at their own convenience. Herman proves to be proactive in her quest for customer satisfaction, since reports note that customers are expecting more forms of delivery/shipping that are not your traditional 3-5 day options. It is particularly true within the pandemic where average shipping times can exceed over 3 weeks due to the slowing of freight and delivery. Gyal Vibes is a business that proves offering different modes of delivery can increase sales and keep customers happy.

Being from the islands, Herman explains that the inclusion and representation of women of colour is integral to the brand of Gyal Vibes. "I am of Caribbean descent, so integrating my culture and language through the styles of products while showcasing women of colour was very important to me," she expresses. She wants to include those who may be looking to save a few coins but still have a stylish look: "I consider myself to be a frugal shopper; I want to help other women who may not be able to or want to spend lots of money, feel confident and sexy!" Indeed, Gyal Vibes Roots itself in the empowerment of women, where women can feel beautiful in their own skin and style. Herman said it best as she declares: "Gyal Vibes Accessories is for the gyal dem, by the gyal dem."

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