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Founded in 2012, business owner and entrepreneur Khadejah Chrysostom explains that Freshmen Clothing began with a brilliant mission: expand your mental. This message is spread across her merchandise and within branded events held by her within the city known as Vibe Workin, where other entrepreneurs and business owners come together in the same space to create, socialize and showcase their work. "I'm a very versatile person," notes Chrysostom. Her versatile nature has allowed Freshmen to offer a full range of items such as t-shirts, sweaters, tracksuits, socks and even lingerie! Not to mention water bottles, pens and special buttons. There's quite literally an item for everyone.


When the pandemic hit earlier this year, Chrysostom explains that the company was forced to post-pone several events, particularly her Vibe Workin initiative that would have otherwise helped many small businesses gain some exposure and an opportunity to network with other likeminded business owners. "Before COVID-10 hit, we would throw events around the city called 'Vibe Workin'; businesses come together and offer on-spot services such as photography, nail artwork, tattoos and more," she explains. Since then, Chrysostom notes that Freshmen clothing will be taking their Vibe Workin initiative online whereby they will offer businesses the opportunity to shoot their content, market it and promote it. "We not only sell clothes and other merch, but we want to find new businesses or small businesses and bring traffic to you."

Unlike other clothing brands, Freshmen not only offers apparel items to general shoppers, but also a unique experience and service to other up and coming entrepreneurs within the city, "We encourage those that shop at Freshmen or simply those that own their own business to go the extra mile and strive for success," Chrysostom expresses. The story behind the name "Freshmen", Chrysostom explains, is rooted in the idea of we are not alone no matter how much one may think they are. She notes, "Our mission is to help the youth. When you think of the word Freshmen, you'd think of a high school or college student on their first day of school feeling anxious and alone; a freshmen in this case can be anyone," Chrysostom says, "I want anyone that may be experiencing those feelings to know that they are not alone with the struggle, that is what Freshmen is all about.”

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