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Founded IN 2017 by young business woman and entrepreneur Kiara Penaflor, CSHATHRFT was driven on a mission to provide unique, curated streetwear and vintage clothing and shoes. "I was browsing through Youtube and saw a lot of thrifting videos which inspired me to check my closet and see what I could sell," she recalls. The brand is also founded on sustainable causes: "Buying second-hand clothes is also eco-friendly which I am trying to advocate and pursue," Penaflor says. On her e-commerce based store, the young hustler showcases a plethora of attractive goods. On her website, streetwear brands to the likes of Nike, The North Face, Nautica, Kappa and other vintage-based groups are all a part of her growing collection. "I've also decided to expand my brand to include shoes such as Jordan 1's," she adds.


The pandemic continues to alter our lives in unimaginable ways. For owners like Penaflor, extreme decrease of sales over the course of months was a sad reality. However, she explains the Canadian government has been a helpful aid to small businesses like CSHATHRFT: "The government helped my small business by providing grants — it helped me increase my capital to buy more shoes and wholesale products." In lieu of slowing of freight due to the pandemic, Penaflor has adjusted by offering free shipping to customers for all items, in addition to local drop off and other money and time saving discounts. Penaflor’s approach is right on the ball; reports note that businesses that began to offer same-day delivery for local customers have seen a drastic increase in sale over the months.

Penaflor explains that CSHATHRFT is rooted within authenticity and scarcity, “I usually buy products that cannot be found in stores on online in order for my prices to be reasonable,” she explains, “Thrifting is also about wearing items that cannot just be copied by anyone.” Throughout the interview Penaflor stressed the importance of customer satisfaction, "It's important for my shoppers to know that I go all the way to give the best customer service," she passionately expressed. Penaflor further explains that she is always willing to make adjustments and changes in order to satisfy her customers: "I believe by doing this, they will trust the brand." With CSHATHRFT customers can expect a sustainable approach, affordable prices, and most importantly — exceptional service.

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