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Founded by humanitarian and business woman Christal Earle, Brave Soles was founded with a mission to create quality hand made shoes that had a direct impact on assisting the most vulnerable people within society, and their environments. Earle lived on the north coast of Dominican Republic since 2005, working closely and learning with a community of garbage dump workers. The idea for Brave Soles occurred to Earle in 2017 while living in the Dominican Republic; she was admiring a pair of sandals that her friend was wearing when she instantly had a eureka moment: "I got to thinking about it, and it was like a lightening bolt idea -- I thought to put tires on the soles of shoes." Since then, Brave Soles not only offers eco-friendly shoes made of recycled tire materials, but also a variety of beautiful handbags, passport holders, wallets and more. In addition, styles are offered for women, men, and children.


Earle shares that COVID-19 hit during the busiest time of the season: "When COVID-19 hit, we were at the peak of our season when everyone had put in their orders for spring." Due to the shock that the pandemic brought to not only businesses but within our day-to-day lives, normal shopping habits were halted as families turned towards saving money due to the uncertainty of employment. Earle explains that Brave Soles saw a startling 80% drop in sales activity. "When this occurred, we pivoted quickly to e-commerce, and began to offer virtual fittings," Earle explains, "A short while later, things started to pick up and we began to gain momentum again."

Deeply ingrained within the virtues of charity and service to others, Earle is passionate to ensure that customers have a story behind the items they purchase: "I want them to feel proud that they're buying something that has a direct impact -- a measurable impact of change.”

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    Great cause! Thanks for the read.

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