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While travelling mega cities to the likes of New York, London and Paris, young entrepreneur and finance businessman Roger Brown had the idea to create Barracks -- the ultimate army themed lounge wear clothing brand. "While I was travelling, I noticed this movement in fashion that encapsulates army themes; but there wasn't a specific brand that committed fully to the aesthetic." Beginning as what he calls a "passion project", Barracks was launched in 2018. Offering items such as t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks and other everyday essentials, Barracks’ unique offering of customized army-styled gear is a must have in both his and hers closet's.


As the pandemic struck, Barrack's plans for spring pop-up shops typically used to connect with followers of the brand and build community were affected due to lockdown regulations. However, Brown explains that he committed to putting out positive messages to Barrack's followers that pushed for the idea of "strength in community" and the power of "togetherness" during the uncertain times. Aside from this, Brown notes that the pandemic has not particularly affected business operations in a negative way, and has, in fact, aided in building online momentum within his business. "We had to figure out a way to reinvent ourselves online; from a sales standpoint, we got a lot of momentum online by doubling down on our online platform and creating more incentives to shop for our followers such as promos and other deals," he adds.

Brown expresses that Barracks is "more than clothing." He further notes: "I want to create a brand that speaks to people beyond the fashion that tells the everyday life stories of real people." Brown repeatedly highlighted the theme of resiliency and how it is inherent to the principles of Barracks. Interestingly, their slogan "march forward" is derived from the military mindset of pushing on regardless of resistance, and overcoming hardships. "It's a brand that brings people together who are going through certain challenges that need the reminder that things will get better," Brown says, "having the mindset that understands roadblocks will be a factor of life, and having the ability to overcome these roadblocks is the reason I started Barracks." 

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