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Awoke N' Aware

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Founded by partners Kelly Saltzman and Cory Yefet over 2 years ago while sitting on a beach chit chatting, Awoke n Aware began with two people looking to give back in a way that made a difference. "At the time, we knew we wanted to give back in someway, but didn't know how," Saltzman recalls, "then we thought: what if we could sell apparel that is dope but does something good in the process?" That’s when the couple decided to create Awoke n Aware, an environmentally friendly clothing brand that roots its values in the protection of valuable wildlife. Offering a selection of t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks and accessories such has scrunchies that are handmade out of 100%, quality recycled fabrics. In addition, the brand has also came out with a playful children's collection more recently! At Awoke n Aware, with every product purchased, you have the ability to support elephants, rhinos or polar bears -- at least 15% of all profits go towards environmental sustainability causes.


Saltzman explains that COVID-19 crippled Awoke n Aware during the height of the pandemic, "The day that the world shut down was the day that we were going to be celebrating our 1 year launch at the Green Living show and it was shut down the morning of the event," she explains. "It was quite the financial hit for us because we had just brought out a new children's line and other fun initiatives for the brand," she painfully recalls. Saltzman explains that she had plans on doubling down on her e-commerce platform and invest heavily in online marketing and branding with the returns the company would have received during the show by selling products to attendees, but this was completely halted due to the pandemics affects on the economy. "We weren't able to market as heavily as we wanted, but that's just business and entrepreneurship."

At Awoke n Aware customers can expect versatile styling: "I have customers that wear apparel to workout, to go to the bar or even dress it up for work." Being two small business owners, Saltzman explains that customers should know that there are real people behind the brand, and that she and her partner will always go the extra mile for customers: "It's just my boyfriend and I running this thing with all our inventory in our 600sq apartment within the downtown core -- we are truly doing this to try to make a difference as much as possible," she notes. Ultimately, Saltzman wants her customers to know that with Awoke n Aware, her customers can "look good, feel good, and ultimately, you can do good."

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