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Founded in 2019 by black entrepreneur and business owner Stace Barton, ANY7 is a high-quality brand featuring a mix of handmade and machine made pieces; in addition to suave vintage items here in Toronto. The idea occurred serendipitously to Barton while he was playing a game in a Las Vegas casino: "One time in Vegas [while] playing the game of craps, someone kept yelling 'ANY7!' as they called their bet; I liked the way it sounded." He took a risk with entrepreneurship by leaving a steady job at a family business and chasing his dreams and passions — Cue ANY7. His collection includes a unique selection of shoes, shirts and pants. In addition, ANY7 also sells accessories such as masks and socks.


As the pandemic continues to slow some retail businesses, Barton reports that the pandemic has affected his business "very minimally." He goes on to note "I am definitely lucky being an online retailer; my sales haven't changed much." Unfortunately, however, Barton was not able to avoid the prohibition of pop-up shops during the height of the pandemic: "The area it affected was at my pop-up shop in a downtown boutique which was shutdown halfway into my contract." Barton was not the only business owner to experience this. It is important to note that pop-up shops are intrinsic to small businesses that may not have a permanent brick-and-mortar location. They allow small-businesses to connect with their customers, and increase brand awareness by meeting supporters directly within their community.

Being one of the only 'streetwear' shoe brand in Canada, ANY7 is committed to the merging of style and form. Barton's vision is rooted in the equitable distribution of fashion, "My goal is to bridge the gap between fast fashion shoes and designer streetwear that excludes a large market of men and women despite their hustle and love for fashion," he says. Not only is ANY7 committed to equitable values, it also has an environmentally sustainable component: "I create sustainable pieces by reworking vintage items created in low minimums to keep waste and my footprint as low as possible," he express. When you shop with ANY7 you can expect an innovative company that is devoted to creativity, design and a gifted passion to creating a twist on modern-day shoes and other fashions.

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